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LOG IN OR REGISTER TO VIEW OUR RESOURCES. Welcome to Out of control, we are an animanga jcink resource site. Our main focus is having premades templates, skins, codes, and many more available to you at the tip of your fingers. To top it off we aim to be a friendly and welcoming community for all type of roleplayers.
CURRENT SKIN BY RIMY OF OOC. All images, textures, and patterns used within OOC's skins, graphics and templates belong to their respective artists and rightful owners. Please check our credits thread to read more about our credits.
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 Posted: Feb 17 2016, 12:59 PM
i'm going to change you like a remix, then i'll raise you like a phoenix.

The small set of rules doesn't mean they are to be taken lightly. At OOC, we expect all these rules to be obeyed.

RESPECT Respect is everything. We encourage everyone to respect members, respect the coders and respect the staff. At all cost you should refrain from discriminating against others, excluding others or making them feel unwelcome. Tdlr: don't be a dick.

PLAGIARISM There is no tolerance for plagiarism on the site. There is a thin line between inspiration and straight up ripping off someone's design and code. Please respect our coders, don't take credit for other's work, don't take off their credits. If you think someone is ripping codes then please contact a staff member.

ADVERTISEMENTS There is only two places you should be advertising: the advertisement board and a signature link. You may not pm, post or link your ads anywhere else.

DRAMA-FREE OOC is a drama-free zone. Have respect for each other, don't stir up trouble, if you have beef with someone take it somewhere else. Feeling like posting something shady? Just don't. We have zero tolerance for people with no chill.

PARTICIPATION Not a rule per se but, we encourage participation, every post gains you money (sols) so you can buy a few neat stuff in the shop as well as commission your favourite coder. Join in discussions, post in people's galleries and get yourself involved! However, let's try to avoid unnecessary double posting.

TERMS OF SERVICE Anything that breaks the term of service will be punished. These included keeping everything pg-13, no pornographic images, hateful materials and etc.

SPAM There is no spamming allowed anywhere, including the cbox. You may bump a thread once a week whether it's an advertisement or a request. You may not, at all cost, bother members to look or take up your requests.

IMAGE SIZES Please follow our image sizes so your images don't look stretched out or nasty. Our avatar size: 100x100, our hover avatar size: 250x350 and signatures shouldn't exceed 500x380px.

If any of these rules are broken it will lead to either a warning or straight up ban.

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